Buy One Give One
wao. stands for "we are one." and means "they" in swahili. 
Based in Boulder, Colorado, wao. is a brand bringing simplicity and complete honesty to sustainability and the buy-one give-one model. Our brushes aren’t fully biodegradable at the moment - but we are working on it. The handles are 100% bamboo which drastically reduces our environmental footprint and the bristle is soft nylon for a comfy brushing experience also making them completely recyclable.
Here is the thing; for every single purchase made here on the waobrush.® website, a brush is given to those who do not have access to something we take for granted every single day.
Why waobrush.®

They say a smile is worth a thousand words right? Well we think it is worth so much more. So why not allow more access to people to take care of theirs? After learning more about the lack of dental education and access around the world, we wanted to help.

For example - did you know that the leading cause of school absenteeism in Africa is poor dental hygiene?

On top of helping others, we figured why not help mother earth as well? The traditional plastic toothbrush is sold by the billions yearly and rarely recycled. Becoming more sustainable is the future. Period.

Our mission is simple. Create a more sustainable everyday product while providing greater access to an everyday luxury to those that go without.